How to compile TCPReplay with fragroute

One week ago I needed to replay traffic saved in a pcap file using tcpreplay and I got a lot of warning messages:

Warning: Unable to send packet: Error with PF_PACKET send() [277]: Message too long (errno=90)

I opened the pcap file and I saw some packages with 40K or more. WTF😳⁉️
I knew Jumbo Frame existed, whose MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) is 9000. So, what is a package with 40K? They are know as Super Jumbo Frame (SJFs) whose MTU limit is 64000 bytes.

The problem was that the MTU limit on Linux is 9000, so we must fragment this SJFs into packets of 9000 bytes.

At this point, I realized that option 'fragroute' is disabled by default in tcpreplay and for changed it I should recompile it.

Let's go!

We must install the following dependencies:
apt-get install git build-essential libtool libpcap-dev nfs-common automake autoconf autotools-dev autogen

In order to enable fragroute option in tcpreplay, we need to download and compile libdnet 1.11 .

tar -xvf libdnet*
cd libdnet*
make install
ln -s /usr/local/lib/libdnet.1.0.1 /usr/lib/libdnet.1 

So, we download the latest version of tcreplay from their official git repository .
git clone
We modify the buffer packet length, this change is necessary to process the super jumbo frames. Go to file src/fragroute/pkt.h and change the following lines:
Replace #define PKT_BUF_LEN (ETH_HDR_LEN + ETH_MTU) with #define PKT_BUF_LEN 65000

Finally we go to compile tcprepaly with libdnet library

./configure —enable-libdnet —disable-local-libopts —disable-ibopts-install
make install

Check that fragroute option is enabled

user@localhost:/# tcpreplay -V
tcpreplay version: 4.2.6 (build git:v4.2.6-4-g54da3478)
Copyright 2013-2017 by Fred Klassen <tcpreplay at appneta dot com> - AppNeta
Copyright 2000-2012 by Aaron Turner <aturner at synfin dot net>
The entire Tcpreplay Suite is licensed under the GPLv3
Cache file supported: 04
Compiled against libdnet: 1.11
Compiled against libpcap: 1.8.1
64 bit packet counters: enabled
Verbose printing via tcpdump: disabled
Packet editing: disabled
Fragroute engine: enabled
Injection method: PF_PACKET send()
Not compiled with netmap

The flag 'fragroute' in tcprewrite must receive as input a file with the following content ip_frag [MTU].

echo "ip_frag 1500" > frag.cfg
tcprewrite --fragroute=frag.cfg --infile=input.pcap --outfile=output.pcap 

Now, in output.pcap file all packets whose size was more than 1500 have been fragmented. And the most important thing, we have not lost any packet😃

Happy Hacking!